Smuggler’s Bounty – March’s CANTINA Themed Unboxing

I just received my Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box for the month of March! It was Cantina themed and I was so, so excited to open it. Like usual, I did an unboxing video for you guys that’s attached below, as well as post a lot of close up pics of the box itself! Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to get your own Smuggler’s Bounty box right here.


Did you grab March’s Smuggler’s Bounty box?!


Funko Fridays: How I Display My Pops!

I’ve been wanting to participate in Funko Fridays, a blog link up of sorts that involves our loves of Funko, ever since my friend Barb started doing them on her blog! Funkos + blogging = my main two hobbies in life, so match made in heaven! I love Funko. I love everything they make, especially their Funko Pops! I have so many that I lost count. Seriously. I quite counting after 59 I think and have added so many more since then. I mean last week within the span of two days, I somehow managed to grab 9 Funko Pops. 9. I can’t even fathom that. So here we are. I’m gonna start sharing Funko posts every Friday! Well, try to. This week’s theme is all about how we display our Pops! (If you want to see the themes, click here!)

Now I don’t take my Pops out of their box. I love the boxes and keep each one! I only have 3 Pops without boxes cause they were given to me like that. Which is totally okay cause I actually do like have some Funkos out and about just cause they’re that cool. So my display system is a bit weird and messy. I keep my Funko’s on top, besides, and in my bookshelf. It’s not organized by any means but when you’ve bought as many Funkos as I have and only have so much space, you do what you gotta do. Take a look below!





How do you display your Funko Pops?

I’m Going Back to Wizard World Philly!

IT’S TRUE! I will be attending Wizard World Philadelphia yet again this June for a weekend extravaganza with friends and the Marvel cast! (Yes, you read that correctly!) Last week, Tuesday to be exact, Wizard World announced that Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Dominic Cooper, and TOM HIDDLESTON would be coming to Philly. I read this email (That Barb sent me, so thank you, Barb!) with so much excitement as we hurried to get my wisdom teeth pulled out and within 5 minutes me and my mom had bought a Tom Hiddleston VIP package. And Deidre has bought one as well. And Barb bought the WS one. We’re Marvel trash to the extreme you guys. By the end of the day we’d already have gotten our hotel and everything and had roped in our other friends (Brit and Katy!) to go as well! (Keyword: Extreme)


So this is now a thing that is happening in June. And not only did we buy the Tom Hiddleston VIP, we also got a Chris Hemsworth photo op and Evans/Atwell photo op. And we’re only like 60% done with purchasing photo ops. I still need to grab Sebastian Stan (WHO I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE AGAIN!!!!!!), Frank Grillo, David Duchovny, and possibly Dominic Cooper? I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to fit all these in in a 2-day time span but we’ll see. I’ve accomplished more in less time, so I’m determined. Oh, and Sebs autograph cause duh. I’m so, so excited to head back to Philly to see everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to hang with my friends and we’re so serious about this and I just- I digress. I had to give up one con for this though; C2E2. But it’s no biggie cause this will be a million times better and I’m actually getting to meet people I’ve only ever dreamed of. It’s so funny too cause my Wizard World New Orleans trip fell through this past January (to meet Chris Evans) and now this popped up and I’m so shocked/amazed. I literally can’t even, you guys. This doesn’t feel real. AHHHH. Anyways, please expect loads of photos/updates when the time comes. Cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.



Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Unboxing #2 – January’s RESISTANCE Box

January’s Smuggler’s Bounty box just arrived! It’s theme is the Resistance and I don’t think anyone knew what was going to be included in it, so that made it even more excited. I got so excited about, so I hurried and filmed me unboxing it. I just love these boxes so much and my reactions get kind of crazy because Star Wars, so why not?! Enjoy the video below and the close up pics of the box itself!

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UNTIL DAWN; Horror in Gaming and How It Does It Justice


I finally played through and finished Until Dawn the other week. It had been one of my most anticipated games when it was announced way back, only for me to be crushed that it wouldn’t see the light of day…then to be built back up when they announced it’d be coming to PS4. It’s been out for a little while now, but I only got a PS4 3 months ago, which I’m loving more than Xbone at the moment. (I know… I’m shocked too.) So after finishing Life is Strange, I thought I’d dive into the terrifying world of Until Dawn, not sure what to expect. Turns out I’d be in for one hell of a ride and that I also picked out the perfect game to soothe my post-Life is Strange blues.

By the end of my journey into Until Dawn, I’d be blown away by, now what I call, one of my favorite games of the year, if not ever. I wasn’t too sure how the games mechanics would work since I’ve tried to stay away from all LP’s, trailers, reviews, etc. Looking at it now, I’m glad I stayed away from all those things because going in blind with this game made the experience better than anything I could’ve expected. I went in thinking I’d quit the game soon-ish thanks to my past with games of the horror genre, but I did the exact opposite and literally had to stop myself from playing to do normal, everyday things like work and sleep.


Yikes! Here’s my history with horror games:

I love horror games. They’re fun and terrifying and I tend to only watch LP’s of them on YouTube or Twitch. I’ve bought many horror games, but they rarely get played due to the stress they cause me. Seriously, I mean actual stress, not just rage stress. Something about the stealth needed to play the games and the impending doom of terror (looking at you, Evil Within), it just doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience for me. That’s why I enjoy watching people play them. It’s the fun and terror without being responsible for the terror. But with that being said, their are a *few* horror games that I enjoy like Alien: Isolation and Lucius (have yet to play this one, but I can tell I’d enjoy it) for example. Even though they both have the components to make me wanna tear my hair out, they’re actually just plain, scary fun, even if the Xenomorph or guard at hand grabs you and/or drags you away.

I LOVE THIS GAME! Why we need more horror games like Until Dawn:

Until Dawn was very story based. The mechanics in the game were quite fun and a bit realistic, making it even better, but combining that with the story at hand made for one memorable, gaming experience. All the terror was fun while feeling like a movie. You weren’t responsible for sneakily passing the intruder or anything of the such. Yeah, you had moments that could possibly kill you or your friends, but that’s the fun in Until Dawn. Will you make that quick decision or just do nothing? It puts all the responsibility in your hands, while putting the player at ease. Also while terrifying them of intruders and *SPOILER*. It all makes for one amazing game while putting you in control of the outcome. You can control if you survive or not by playing as each of the characters. It’s so cool to see that in a game like this! I really hope they make more games in the horror genre that follow this platform because sign me up.


Long story short, Until Dawn made me fall in love with the horror genre (in video games) in a whole new way. To be so invested in a story and to have a say in how it all plays out is something I’ve wanted in a game for so long. Like I said, I hope a sequel follows? Not exactly a sequel, per say, but just another game in this style from the same developers. After the storm that this game weathered, I don’t know if we’d see it anytime soon… but fingers crossed!

Have any of you played Until Dawn? Let’s discuss!

LIFE IS STRANGE – Max and Chloe Everyday Cosplays

I’ve been on a Life is Strange kick lately. I played the game for the first time last week and finished it in 1 1/2 days. It was such an amazing experience and I’ve now deemed it one of my all time favorite games. Suffice to say, I’m a bit obsessed at the moment and decided to make some everyday cosplays of Max and Chloe, the two wonderful leads in the game. (I actually wrote a review of it right here if you’re interested.) I made them to be unisex, so anyone can enjoy dressing up as badass Chloe or Max the photographer. Enjoy!


Max Caulfield - Life is Strange Everyday Cosplay


Chloe Price - Life is Strange Everyday Cosplay


Have you played Life is Strange?


2016 is here… this is post is late… what else is new? I meant to write up a 2015 wrap up post, but got really sidetracked by Star Wars and forgot completely. But honestly, 2015 was so amazing I don’t think I could wrap everything up in one cohesive piece. So instead I’m writing this, my 2016 starter kit if you will. I figured talking about 2016 would be a fun thing to look back on once 2017 starts to roll around. So here we go.IMG_0585 (1)First off, 2015 was really good to me. Not trying to brag, just stating the fact that it was absolutely the best year of my almost twenty years of existence. It wasn’t necessarily a year of change, more personal growth. In writing, relationships, work, school, etc. I finished my first semester of college, which wasn’t that big of deal, traveled (a lot), quit my old job, found a new one, made a whole lot of new friends, and figured out a bit more where this whole writing thing is going. I also feel like 2015 made me way more comfortable with myself, if that makes any sense. Over the years I started to grow out of my shyness, but 2015, I kicked its ass. That’s always a plus. But yeah, 2015 ruled and I just know 2016 is.

I’m hoping for lots of things in 2016; traveling (when am I not traveling, lets be real), making even more friends, finishing more of my degree, and working in my field of choice. I’d like to find an actual writing job before the end of the year, if I can get that lucky. I can already tell that in 2016, I’ll be putting a lot of my time back into writing. I’d like to start stretching my non-existent writing muscles and branch from just news pieces to think pieces. Also… start my novel! Okay, I’ve already started, but by the end of the year, I’m determined to have a first rough draft of this thing. This thing doesn’t even have a name yet, but it does have it’s *almost* first two pages written and a pretty good idea of where its heading. So yay! It’s one of my many New Years resolutions. Which I still don’t like making and even though I did finally make some, I started them a bit before 2016. (Sorry, I just hate/love the whole “lets start fresh thing”.)IMG_0607So let’s wrap up this up, shall we? Here’s all my New Years resolutions I made this year! (Minus seeing TFA more times than I did in 2015… hehe.)

  • Start and finish my book (even if it’s the first rough draft)
  • Clean out the garage
  • Save money for 2017 (and in general)
  • Get my license (finally!!)
  • Practice writing everyday
  • Finish Friends

Now lets see if I can stick with these. What are some of your New Years resolutions?