UNTIL DAWN; Horror in Gaming and How It Does It Justice


I finally played through and finished Until Dawn the other week. It had been one of my most anticipated games when it was announced way back, only for me to be crushed that it wouldn’t see the light of day…then to be built back up when they announced it’d be coming to PS4. It’s been out for a little while now, but I only got a PS4 3 months ago, which I’m loving more than Xbone at the moment. (I know… I’m shocked too.) So after finishing Life is Strange, I thought I’d dive into the terrifying world of Until Dawn, not sure what to expect. Turns out I’d be in for one hell of a ride and that I also picked out the perfect game to soothe my post-Life is Strange blues.

By the end of my journey into Until Dawn, I’d be blown away by, now what I call, one of my favorite games of the year, if not ever. I wasn’t too sure how the games mechanics would work since I’ve tried to stay away from all LP’s, trailers, reviews, etc. Looking at it now, I’m glad I stayed away from all those things because going in blind with this game made the experience better than anything I could’ve expected. I went in thinking I’d quit the game soon-ish thanks to my past with games of the horror genre, but I did the exact opposite and literally had to stop myself from playing to do normal, everyday things like work and sleep.


Yikes! Here’s my history with horror games:

I love horror games. They’re fun and terrifying and I tend to only watch LP’s of them on YouTube or Twitch. I’ve bought many horror games, but they rarely get played due to the stress they cause me. Seriously, I mean actual stress, not just rage stress. Something about the stealth needed to play the games and the impending doom of terror (looking at you, Evil Within), it just doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience for me. That’s why I enjoy watching people play them. It’s the fun and terror without being responsible for the terror. But with that being said, their are a *few* horror games that I enjoy like Alien: Isolation and Lucius (have yet to play this one, but I can tell I’d enjoy it) for example. Even though they both have the components to make me wanna tear my hair out, they’re actually just plain, scary fun, even if the Xenomorph or guard at hand grabs you and/or drags you away.

I LOVE THIS GAME! Why we need more horror games like Until Dawn:

Until Dawn was very story based. The mechanics in the game were quite fun and a bit realistic, making it even better, but combining that with the story at hand made for one memorable, gaming experience. All the terror was fun while feeling like a movie. You weren’t responsible for sneakily passing the intruder or anything of the such. Yeah, you had moments that could possibly kill you or your friends, but that’s the fun in Until Dawn. Will you make that quick decision or just do nothing? It puts all the responsibility in your hands, while putting the player at ease. Also while terrifying them of intruders and *SPOILER*. It all makes for one amazing game while putting you in control of the outcome. You can control if you survive or not by playing as each of the characters. It’s so cool to see that in a game like this! I really hope they make more games in the horror genre that follow this platform because sign me up.


Long story short, Until Dawn made me fall in love with the horror genre (in video games) in a whole new way. To be so invested in a story and to have a say in how it all plays out is something I’ve wanted in a game for so long. Like I said, I hope a sequel follows? Not exactly a sequel, per say, but just another game in this style from the same developers. After the storm that this game weathered, I don’t know if we’d see it anytime soon… but fingers crossed!

Have any of you played Until Dawn? Let’s discuss!


LIFE IS STRANGE – Max and Chloe Everyday Cosplays

I’ve been on a Life is Strange kick lately. I played the game for the first time last week and finished it in 1 1/2 days. It was such an amazing experience and I’ve now deemed it one of my all time favorite games. Suffice to say, I’m a bit obsessed at the moment and decided to make some everyday cosplays of Max and Chloe, the two wonderful leads in the game. (I actually wrote a review of it right here if you’re interested.) I made them to be unisex, so anyone can enjoy dressing up as badass Chloe or Max the photographer. Enjoy!


Max Caulfield - Life is Strange Everyday Cosplay


Chloe Price - Life is Strange Everyday Cosplay


Have you played Life is Strange?

Let’s Start This with a Bang – #30DaystoTFA

It’s exactly a month till The Force Awakens. A MONTH. What even? It seems like it was just yesterday when they actually announced this film was actually happening and now we’re here, tickets in hand, ready to witness the film of the year. I’m so excited, just like everyone else, so why not celebrate as we countdown to the films release?? Amy from Geek with Curves started the #30DaystoTFA project, where she’s encouraging everyone to share their favorite gifs, videos, pics, and more from Star Wars! (Read the post here!) I’ll be doing my own countdown on this here blog as well as sharing some exciting posts over at Full on Force! So over the next 30 days, I’ll be sharing a few of my Star Wars favorites, leading up until The Force Awakens. Ahhhhh!


So to kick it off on this here blog, I’ll start by sharing my favorite Star Wars related thing at the moment and that is Battlefront! It’s the brand new video game and it’s so amazing and all the fun. I’ve played about 10-14 hours so far and have enjoyed every second! There’s so many ways you can play that it’s basically a non-stop Star Wars party. (I stream it over on Twitch and you can watch them on my YouTube channel.) I grabbed the Darth Vader PS4 as well, so you can expect some closeup photos over on Full on Force very soon!


Did any of you pick up Battlefront?!


Turns out I’ve been on a reading binge as of late. I just read Furiously Happy: A Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson and today I just read You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day.  (Both I would highly recommend!) I’ve been looking forward to Felicia’s book ever since she announced it on her YouTube channel. I couldn’t wait to dive into one of my favorite people’s memoirs and learn how exactly they got to the point they are today. I also knew it’d be funny as hell. (And geeky. Because that’s Felicia for you.) I’ve been a fan of Felicia Day ever since discovering The Guild way back in the day. I loved that web series so much and found it to be so different than any of form of media I’d recently consumed. It was also stupidly hilarious. The humor in that web series is so real and raw that you can’t help but feel all the characters to be relatable. I’d follow the show all the way to its series finale and fall even more in love with every Geek and Sundry would do in the not too far future. Through it all, Felicia Day has always been one of my biggest inspirations. Her career wasn’t one she had the option of choosing, she had to create it herself, working hard and putting everything of herself into. She also loves video games, so hashtag relatable.TheFlog_04_feature2I wasn’t exactly sure what I was to expect when picking up You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). I expected it to definitely be a memoir of sorts, telling us about her life through the digital ages and that’s what I was delivered. Expect it was 1000x more awesome. Felicia Day has such a way with words and for crafting this past stories of her childhood and journey through the hell that can be Hollywood. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that it took quite a long time for her to get to the point of being “famous” and being able to creatively have free range over what she wanted to do with her life.

As a kid, she was a loner, which somehow made me feel all the better about my isolated childhood as well. I stopped feeling alone and more so apart of this “weird iso cool kids” club that doesn’t exist. And I think that’s what Felicia’s point was in writing those parts. Yes, it’s to tell us exactly how she became to be one of the biggest names in the geek world, but it’s also to let us know that we aren’t alone. We might feel like we are, but there’s about thousands more of us weird kids who are just alike and love video games just the same. It’s fan-freaking-tastic and while reading, really just gave me this boost of confidence I felt lacking in. In other words, I could play Left  4 Dead on expert. (Not really. Can you imagine?!)

And while we do get a close up look at Felicia’s life growing up and her complications with Hollywood, we get an inside look at the creation of The Guild, which was probably my most favorite part of the book. Like I said above, I absolutely love The Guild and getting this information I’d never heard of before was such a treat. To realize that The Guild truly preserved because of the fans was just amazing. I also learned where my DVD’s came from, making me cherish them even more. (There’s also an entire chapter dedicated to #Gamergate, which was very educational, especially if you don’t know much on the matter.)12719422I learned a lot from this little book. Whether it be to just truly embrace my weirdness (check) to how The Guild was created to knowing that anxiety is an okay thing, but I definitely need to take some mental health days, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is a reading experience like no other. I laughed, I cried (legit), and just fell in love with Felicia Day even more. (In a total “let’s be BFF’s and play WoW” type of way.) I’d highly recommend this to all the weirdos out there wanting a fun, thoughtful, and amazing quick read. I say quick because I read this book way too quick. It’s addicting. You’ve been warned.


Disney Infinity 3.0 Unboxing!

It’s here! It’s actually here! Disney Infinity 3.0 has been released and incase you’re wondering, yes, it’s the best thing ever! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time, counting down the days until I could mix up all the Star Wars characters in one world. It looked like a whole lot of fun and its turned out to be way better. I was so excited for it that I filmed my unboxing of the starter set and all the extra Star Wars figures! Check it out and let me know what your favorite Disney Infinity 3.0 character is. (Want more photos? Head on over to Full on Force! I posted tons of them!)

Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark – Video Game Review

I’ve been in the mood for summer lately. Late nights, road trips, and all the milkshakes I can drink. It all sounds so nice and for once in my life, I’m actually enjoying my summer. I usually despise it, but this year, I’ve been nostalgic for summer. Weird, right? But while I love these road trips and late nights chasing the unknown, I do spend a majority of my time indoors. Whether I’m writing, watching Netflix, or reading, I’m indoors enjoying myself. I even play the occasional video game (that NOT Animal Crossing. *cue collective gasp*) But even though I do spend my time indoors, I do have to keep a part of the summer hype alive and that’s where this next game comes into play!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.17.25 PMUphill Rush 7: Waterpark is a summer filled computer game that takes place at a waterpark, if you couldn’t tell. You basically have to operate a little guy on a float and race people, all while trying to keep yourself on the float. It’s simple, but pretty fun and tricky. The sounds, colors, and animations all are reminiscent of summer, making you feel like you’ve experienced it all… from the comfort of your chair!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.17.57 PMIf you have any spare minutes at your desk or if you’re waiting for the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars to finish downloading, I’d highly recommend checking out Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark!

Everyday Cosplay – Joel (The Last of Us)

I have been addicted to Polyvore lately! I can’t stop making everyday cosplays based on my favorite characters/themes. I got inspired by posts on The Nerdy Girlie and Geek with Curves where they share their Polyvore creations, so I thought I’d start sharing my own. I’ve been using quite a bit of my free time just going from character to character making these pretty simple and easy everyday cosplays of. My first character had to be Joel. Mainly because I just beat The Last of Us last week and cosplayed as Joel at Dragon*Con this past weekend. So here’s my everyday cosplay of Joel…

Everyday Cosplay - Joel


If you want to see more everyday cosplays on Polyvore, click here!