Skill Based Games in Casinos


Casinos to offer skill-based video games to attract more customers

Move over, slot machines and Texas Hold’Em. It seems that Las Vegas could soon become the biggest venue for video game arcades.

In February of this year, Nevada and New Jersey passed a legislation that would allow skill-based games in casinos as a way to draw in more customers, particularly millennials and the kids-at-heart. So instead of winning money through sheer luck, imagine playing something like Tekken or Street Fighter and winning something based on your current skill level. The legislation was approved in September 2015.

The sky is the limit for these skill-based games! According to reports, casinos are set to offer a diverse set of games ranging from action-adventure to puzzle games.

Currently, most Las Vegas casinos offer the “link” type of machines to guests, which are kind of like multi-player modes in video games. So it’s likely we will see cooperative video game titles in casinos such as Call of Duty, which, according to Gambit Gaming — a company that develops skill-based games — would be one of the biggest attractions in a casino.

Dr. Tony Alamo, the chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission, said that the progress with which the legislation to introduce skill-based games in Nevada passed is proof that casinos are eager to offer something new.

“It won’t be a sea of slot machines. You’ll see smaller, more intimate areas with specialized themes,” said Dr. Alamo.

Today, online casino providers give something “new” to the players either through fresh variants of poker, pay day promotional bonuses for table games, or sweet bonus credits for first time players. And while these are all tried and tested strategies to attract gamers, skill-based games target an entirely new market, which could mean a new set of returning customers for casinos that are in dire need of innovative techniques to draw players back through their doors.

So, what games are you expecting to see in your local casino? Being able to play your favorite game while winning money on the side sounds like a dream come true to all the hardcore video game players out there, right?

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Loot Anime – February/Haunted Unboxing

I received my first ever Loot Anime the other day! I used to be a Loot Crate subscribed, but stopped my subscription during Star Wars Celebration times cause, you know, priorities. Since than I’ve been a Smuggler’s Bounty subscriber, but I bought the February box on a whim cause the innards of January’s box looked amazing. And I wasn’t let down at all with Feb’s box! Everything inside was quite awesome and I even filmed an unboxing video! I also took loads of pics, so check those out below as well.

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Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Unboxing #2 – January’s RESISTANCE Box

January’s Smuggler’s Bounty box just arrived! It’s theme is the Resistance and I don’t think anyone knew what was going to be included in it, so that made it even more excited. I got so excited about, so I hurried and filmed me unboxing it. I just love these boxes so much and my reactions get kind of crazy because Star Wars, so why not?! Enjoy the video below and the close up pics of the box itself!

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2016 is here… this is post is late… what else is new? I meant to write up a 2015 wrap up post, but got really sidetracked by Star Wars and forgot completely. But honestly, 2015 was so amazing I don’t think I could wrap everything up in one cohesive piece. So instead I’m writing this, my 2016 starter kit if you will. I figured talking about 2016 would be a fun thing to look back on once 2017 starts to roll around. So here we go.IMG_0585 (1)First off, 2015 was really good to me. Not trying to brag, just stating the fact that it was absolutely the best year of my almost twenty years of existence. It wasn’t necessarily a year of change, more personal growth. In writing, relationships, work, school, etc. I finished my first semester of college, which wasn’t that big of deal, traveled (a lot), quit my old job, found a new one, made a whole lot of new friends, and figured out a bit more where this whole writing thing is going. I also feel like 2015 made me way more comfortable with myself, if that makes any sense. Over the years I started to grow out of my shyness, but 2015, I kicked its ass. That’s always a plus. But yeah, 2015 ruled and I just know 2016 is.

I’m hoping for lots of things in 2016; traveling (when am I not traveling, lets be real), making even more friends, finishing more of my degree, and working in my field of choice. I’d like to find an actual writing job before the end of the year, if I can get that lucky. I can already tell that in 2016, I’ll be putting a lot of my time back into writing. I’d like to start stretching my non-existent writing muscles and branch from just news pieces to think pieces. Also… start my novel! Okay, I’ve already started, but by the end of the year, I’m determined to have a first rough draft of this thing. This thing doesn’t even have a name yet, but it does have it’s *almost* first two pages written and a pretty good idea of where its heading. So yay! It’s one of my many New Years resolutions. Which I still don’t like making and even though I did finally make some, I started them a bit before 2016. (Sorry, I just hate/love the whole “lets start fresh thing”.)IMG_0607So let’s wrap up this up, shall we? Here’s all my New Years resolutions I made this year! (Minus seeing TFA more times than I did in 2015… hehe.)

  • Start and finish my book (even if it’s the first rough draft)
  • Clean out the garage
  • Save money for 2017 (and in general)
  • Get my license (finally!!)
  • Practice writing everyday
  • Finish Friends

Now lets see if I can stick with these. What are some of your New Years resolutions?

The Force Awakens – A Vlog

Incase you don’t watch my YouTube channel, I post vlogs here and there at random times, discussing life and movies and junk. It’s like an online video diary for me, so one day I can look back and rewatch those fun little moments in life. And since this is the year of Star Wars, last night I recorded one talking about The Force Awakens! No worries, I don’t go full into the movie. I just share my experiences from the marathon and it basically turns into a weird haul video. It’s unedited, it’s a mess, but it’s me getting excited about my favorite thing in this world, Star Wars.

(Side note: my TFA movie review will be posting soon! Can’t wait to share with you all!)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is so close to being released and the wait seems to get more and more unbearable as time goes on. But thankfully Funko has us covered because these past few days, the first Smuggler’s Bounty box has been arriving at fellow fan’s doorsteps! What is Smuggler’s Bounty exactly? It’s a Star Wars/Funko subscription based service! You get a new box every two months full of Star Wars goodies. Amazing, right?! (Sign up here!)

My box just arrived today! I unboxed it on camera and took loads of pics for you all. Prepare yourselves! 

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Amazon Appstore: Double Coins Back Deals (10/24 – 11/1)

The other month I shared with you the amazing Amazon Appstore and all the games it featured. I also shared some highlights about the Double Coins Back deals that happen every week in the Amazon Appstore. (These deals can save you money on all sorts of in-app purchases!) But this week I’ll be sharing the highlights of the Double Coins Back Deals of this week (10/24-11/1), featuring loads of everyone’s favorites and even a few Halloween treats. Before we get started, another big thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post!

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unnamedClash of Kings is one of the games participating in thee Double Coins Back Deals this week! Every played Clash of Kings? Yes? It’s addicting, right? No? What are you waiting for?! Get on this train. I haven’t played in a while, but I did go through phases with this app.  It’s really fun and is quite unique among its others strategy based games. Here’s some highlights of the app straight from Amazon themselves:

  • Use your best real time PVP strategy to win the war! Clash of Kings is a multiplayer online strategy war game all about sending your fighting army against your enemies’ empire and preventing a throne rush of your own.
  • Empire allies ramp up the action! Join one for protection, deception, to build an empire or to grow your army. The choice is yours! Use your fighting army to fight other players online from all around the world! In this real time strategy war game you’ll rise through the ranks to have the strongest kings empire!
  • Your fantasy kingdom needs both a strong offense and castle defense. Clash of Kings lets you build massive empires with upgradable buildings and tons of medieval tricks so you can defend your kingdom against an enemy throne rush. Who will attack first, you or your enemies?
  • Vivid war game graphics
  • The beautiful scenery and art in Clash of Kings makes playing in this fantasy realm an epic war adventure! Explore the world of endless empires and kingdoms!
  • Real time strategy war PVP games and battles! Build an empire and clash with your enemies in a free fantasy kingdom!

In game, you may use gold to progress things further along. This gold costs actual money, but with Amazon Coins Deal, you can save money while doing so. Example: 3400 Gold = $19.99 or 1999 Coins. But after the purchase you’ll receive 300 Coins Back. So 2500 Coins = $25 list price but $23 on Amazon (8% savings)! Spend less, play more.halloween-2015-splash-screenThe Double Coins Back Deals also bleed into Halloween territory with Family Guy: Quest for Stuff. There’s loads of new Halloween themes, quests, and characters. Make use of Amazon’s Double Coins Back Deals to save money on in-app purchases. Prepare to have some spooky fun with this game.

Hope you all enjoyed learning about these deals. Remember you can download the Amazon Appstore right here and learn even more about the Double Coins Back Deals here.