PHOTO SET: Spider-Gwen in Wonderland

This is a super late post, but during HeroesCon, two of my best friends and roomies for that weekend, Court and James, let me photograph their cosplays! It was Spider-Gwen in Wonderland themed and they both looked so amazing. They honestly were troopers because holy moly was Charlotte blazing hot that weekend. As usual, I didn’t have the right lens to perfect this shoot but I still really loved the outcome, especially since I never do this type of thing. It was such a fun experience and I can’t wait to do this again with all my cosplay friends. ANYWAYS, PLEASE ENJOY THESE PICS!


I’m Going Back to Wizard World Philly!

IT’S TRUE! I will be attending Wizard World Philadelphia yet again this June for a weekend extravaganza with friends and the Marvel cast! (Yes, you read that correctly!) Last week, Tuesday to be exact, Wizard World announced that Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Dominic Cooper, and TOM HIDDLESTON would be coming to Philly. I read this email (That Barb sent me, so thank you, Barb!) with so much excitement as we hurried to get my wisdom teeth pulled out and within 5 minutes me and my mom had bought a Tom Hiddleston VIP package. And Deidre has bought one as well. And Barb bought the WS one. We’re Marvel trash to the extreme you guys. By the end of the day we’d already have gotten our hotel and everything and had roped in our other friends (Brit and Katy!) to go as well! (Keyword: Extreme)


So this is now a thing that is happening in June. And not only did we buy the Tom Hiddleston VIP, we also got a Chris Hemsworth photo op and Evans/Atwell photo op. And we’re only like 60% done with purchasing photo ops. I still need to grab Sebastian Stan (WHO I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE AGAIN!!!!!!), Frank Grillo, David Duchovny, and possibly Dominic Cooper? I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to fit all these in in a 2-day time span but we’ll see. I’ve accomplished more in less time, so I’m determined. Oh, and Sebs autograph cause duh. I’m so, so excited to head back to Philly to see everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to hang with my friends and we’re so serious about this and I just- I digress. I had to give up one con for this though; C2E2. But it’s no biggie cause this will be a million times better and I’m actually getting to meet people I’ve only ever dreamed of. It’s so funny too cause my Wizard World New Orleans trip fell through this past January (to meet Chris Evans) and now this popped up and I’m so shocked/amazed. I literally can’t even, you guys. This doesn’t feel real. AHHHH. Anyways, please expect loads of photos/updates when the time comes. Cause it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.



Ahsoka Lives Day – #30DaystoTFA

I promise to do more than just share photos in some of these countdown to TFA posts, but I just had to share this pic because it holds such a great memory for me. And that is this pic of Ahsoka Lives Day at Star Wars Celebration back in April… but on the Star Wars Rebels Blu-ray. Whaaaa?! Ahsoka Lives Day was thrown by my friends Amy and Johna and was such a huge success! A few familiar names popped up and LucasFilm even filmed a little bit which made it onto the Blu-ray. I loved that meet up/group photo sooooo much. It was a blast and look, I’m officially on a Star Wars DVD (which was a weird thing on my bucket list.)

*Also sorry I missed yesterdays post! It slipped my mind and I also saw Mockingjay again, so my emotions were all over the place.


Were you at Star Wars Celebration?


For today’s countdown to The Force Awakens, I thought I would share a simple photo for you guys. It’s a photo my dad took of me during Star Wars Celebration, which I went to this past April last minute thanks to the guys at Podcast 66! It’s still the best trip I’ve ever went on and really just changed me in a weird “life is stupidly amazing and I love all my friends even more” type of way.

This photo was taken on Saturday I believe? It may have been Friday. Whenever the Ahsoka Lives meet up was! The sun was too bright, but I needed a pic in front of giant Leia and Luke. I still get really emotional over this trip because I did so much and met so many people. It also made me fall slightly in love with Anaheim, which I never thought I’d say. I just love Celebration soooooooo much!


Did any of you attend Star Wars Celebration?!

Where You Can Find Me During Dragon Con

Dragon-Con-logoDragon Con is almost here! As in by Friday morning, I’ll be in Atlanta, picking up my badge and getting ready to tackle the day head on. I feel like I’m never on break from cons, but that’s okay, because I love doing them more than most things in life. And the best part of Dragon Con?! I’m going to be on TWO Star Wars panels! I’m so excited to do my first panels during Dragon Con. It also helps that I have a few friends to do them with, so nervousness shouldn’t be too bad. Also the Dragon Con crowd is literally my favorite, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Anyways, here’s my panels, which I think you’ll love and should definitely attend:

  • ForceFriday Finds (Friday, 1:00-2:00pm, Marriott A706)

Come join us as we discuss our Force Friday finds, what they tell us about TFA, and more! Also, GIVEAWAYS!! (Do I have your attention now? Come and join the Force Friday fun!)

  • Strong Women of Star Wars (Sunday, 8:30-9:30pm, Marriott A706)

We’ll be discussing all the badass women of Star Wars, what makes them so great, why we need more characters like that, and other topics that I can’t wait to discuss.! (Sounds like the best panel ever, right?!)

Other than those panels, you’ll be able to find me in the Star Wars track room. I plan on spending all my time there. You can also follow me on Twitter because I update that thing like crazy during conventions. Until then… May the Force Be with You!

SDCC 2015: Day 4 aka the Final Day Wrap Up

Can you believe we’re finally on our final day of SDCC 2015 wrap ups?! Makes me so sad, but also really happy because it means we’re that much closer to SDCC 2016. I’m very excited for 2016. I think the SDCC coverage on here will be better than ever and that makes me so so excited!

IMG_6763I don’t have much to say about the final day other than it was another press day, but also a farewell day. Most of my friends left Saturday, so I spent it wondering, eating (Syfy cafe = the best!), and most importantly, talking to the cast of Supernatural! It was such a fun press room. I made some new friends and enjoyed listening to everyone talk about what’s to come and what they hope for! (Watch all of my interviews here!)

IMG_6803The rest of my day, like I said, was spent finding friends, shopping a little bit more, and saying goodbye to not only SDCC, but California. We left the con around 4-ish and headed for the airport where we spent quite a few hours sleeping and eating. It was boring, yet fun.



IMG_6811And then it was over. This trip has been one of the best and that title doesn’t come easy. It’s never about the celebrities or press rooms, but about friends and fun! SDCC 2015 proved to top ALL past SDCC’s which was hard for me because 2013 was the best year, or so I thought. Yeah, we had a few MINOR hiccups on while in San Diego, but other than that, it was such a perfect 5 days. Now… let’s do it all again next year! 😉


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