Heyo, friends! Long time no see. Netflix has been killing it in the Marvel universe, with with Jessica Jones and Daredevil already locked in for season two, and Luke Cage and The Punisher soon to be release, this fall’s TV line up is really starting to look up.

But for today’s post, I thought I’d share something that has recently peaked my interest, something that I sat down to watch and managed to binge watch in less than a day. It’s a show that has caught my attention ever since it was announced. That show is Stranger Things, a new hit original series on Netflix.


This show. This damn show. Stranger Things has been on my radar ever since it debuted its amazing first trailer which I happened upon in a theatre one day. It’s an amazing, nostalgic show that is all about life and its strange things, all of which surround a missing boy, a found girl, and a mystery that’s waiting to be solved.

Isn’t that poster amazing as hell?! I finally finished this show and without going into spoilers, just wanted to share the word about this one show, this one amazing show. I haven’t gotten this into a show in quite sometime and just want to say this: WATCH THIS SHOW! Between the kids, the story, the soundtrack, the visuals, and Winona Ryder, Stranger Things is a gem. A beautiful, rare gem.

This is just one of my favorite things I’ve seen in recent months.


What’s your favorite show you’ve seen recently?


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