Casinos to offer skill-based video games to attract more customers

Move over, slot machines and Texas Hold’Em. It seems that Las Vegas could soon become the biggest venue for video game arcades.

In February of this year, Nevada and New Jersey passed a legislation that would allow skill-based games in casinos as a way to draw in more customers, particularly millennials and the kids-at-heart. So instead of winning money through sheer luck, imagine playing something like Tekken or Street Fighter and winning something based on your current skill level. The legislation was approved in September 2015.

The sky is the limit for these skill-based games! According to reports, casinos are set to offer a diverse set of games ranging from action-adventure to puzzle games.

Currently, most Las Vegas casinos offer the “link” type of machines to guests, which are kind of like multi-player modes in video games. So it’s likely we will see cooperative video game titles in casinos such as Call of Duty, which, according to Gambit Gaming — a company that develops skill-based games — would be one of the biggest attractions in a casino.

Dr. Tony Alamo, the chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission, said that the progress with which the legislation to introduce skill-based games in Nevada passed is proof that casinos are eager to offer something new.

“It won’t be a sea of slot machines. You’ll see smaller, more intimate areas with specialized themes,” said Dr. Alamo.

Today, online casino providers give something “new” to the players either through fresh variants of poker, pay day promotional bonuses for table games, or sweet bonus credits for first time players. And while these are all tried and tested strategies to attract gamers, skill-based games target an entirely new market, which could mean a new set of returning customers for casinos that are in dire need of innovative techniques to draw players back through their doors.

So, what games are you expecting to see in your local casino? Being able to play your favorite game while winning money on the side sounds like a dream come true to all the hardcore video game players out there, right?

Disclaimer: this was a guest post!


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