HeroesCon is one of my favorite conventions ever! This was my 3rd and favorite year.

On route to HeroesCon!

photo 1

At the convention center!


In the convention center!


A pic from the Hawkeye panel. It was AMAZING.

photo 2

Me with Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue Deconnick! They were so nice! Matt signed my Hawkeye comic and Kelly signed my Captain Marvel comic! I then went back and got some Fantastic Four issues signed by Matt! It was awesome!

photo 4

Before the con ended, I asked Steve Lieber if he could draw me a little Hawkeye sketch and he said yes!! He was so nice and he’s an amazing artist!

photo 3

I also got to take a bunch of photos in the Delorean from Back to the Future! All the money they make goes to Team Fox!

Me In a Delorean

The floor!


It was a very, very fun first day! I also got some amazing necklaces. One of them was from PopCycled! It was a Tardis from a comic book! I also got a Lego-esque 11th Doctor, Hawkeye Target and a little Hawkeye figure necklace and a Sherlock shirt!

Today is the first ever Carol Corps panel at HeroesCon! It looks like a lot of fun! Sadly I can’t go today, but if you’re at HeroesCon, GO! GO! GO!


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